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White onions are a must-to-include in summer diet; Know why

by Shatakshi Gupta

Summer is here, and we’re taking every precaution we can to battle the heat and avoid fatigue. While air conditioners, coolers, and cold water might provide temporary reprieve from the high temperatures outside, it is really a good idea to make dietary changes to reap the long-term advantages.

Every nutrition expert across the globe advises everyone to eat refreshing and summer-friendly items to stay cool and hydrated from the inside out. White onion is however one healthful food. You heard what we said. It’s a popular onion cultivar with all-white skin and flesh. White onions have a neutral flavour that is neither as spicy nor as sweet as yellow onions or red onions. White onion is commonly used in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.

Aside from being a diverse culinary vegetable, white onion is also known for its health advantages. To counteract the heat, white onions are great. Furthermore, you can pound it, fry it, or eat it raw.

Advantages Of White Onion:

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1. Excellent source of fibre:

White onion is high in fructans, which are beneficial soluble fibres. These fibres aid digestion by increasing gut-healthy bacterium, which helps to regulate bowel movements and treat a variety of gut-related disorders.

2. Helps to cool the body:

White onion is a wonderful cooling agent. It aids in the decrease of body temperature and the natural cooling of the body. White onion also assists in the prevention of irritation induced by sunburns.

3. Improves cardiovascular health:

White onion, which is high in anti-inflammatory characteristics, is believed to help control blood pressure levels in our bodies. This also reduces the risk of heart disease by preventing plaque buildup in arteries.

4. Antioxidant-dense:

White onion is high in antioxidants, causes it a great detoxifying vegetable. Detoxification also helps to enhance general health and fuel us from the inside out. Detoxification also facilitates in the circulation of blood in veins and arteries.

5. Has an antimicrobial effect:

White onion’s antibacterial characteristics make it a fantastic component to add in our summers diet to keep a plethora of seasonal illnesses at bay. White onion has also been proven in multiple trials to be useful in suppressing the growth of VIbiro cholera and other illnesses.

6. Increases immunity:

White onion contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral effects, as explained previously. These properties make it an excellent food for keeping our guts clean, which helps to boost our immune system.

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