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The art of positivity in your life and how to stay happy

by Meghashree Das


How to stay motivated with your overwork and stress?

Some ways to stay motivated with your overwork and stress

Is being overloaded with joy a good reason to stay positive?

What is a positive approach towards life?

Steps towards a positive life:

Can spirituality be the reason for your happiness?

Top 7 reasons why spirituality is important for everyone

We often feel sad and depressed in life, when things don’t fall in place, either you have had a recent breakup or got scolded, or got fired from your job. There are many serious to silly reasons that brings you down in life and makes you feel worse about yourself.

Our mind starts preparing for the worst forgetting that the ultimate truth of life is to believe on miracles and hope for the best. Positivity plays a vital role in our lives towards maintaining a sound mind and soul. 

Positivity is just not an optimistic approach towards life but more than that. It requires a positive attitude and a healthy atmosphere to make sure that the right aura surrounds your body for a better wellbeing.

How to stay motivated with your overwork and stress? 

The anxiety and over stressed situation wants you to fail. This makes you to doubt on your ability and likelihood of succeeding. Being plagued by anxiety means that any small setback is blown up into mountainous proportion and now failure steps into all other aspects of your life. This means you quickly lose motivation for things because of the fear of doing things badly and here is the point where you started taking stress and now your head is pop up with many notifications of ‘What next?’, ‘Why bother’ are quite exhausting. Motivation is the key to success and to keep yourself motivated you need to stop overthinking first. I’d like to share a few pearls of wisdom in the hope that these steps of staying motivated may help you out when anxiety tries to thwart any productivity. 

Some ways to stay motivated with your overwork and stress: 

1. Change up your location: 

According to Duhigg’s research, your physical environment is one of the most powerful drivers of our habits and behaviours. where you work can affect your motivation level, try to change your place in a fixed time span of 3 months so you didn’t get bored of sitting at one place and work continuously. 

2. Listen to pump-up music: 

Music provides us energy to work continuously and constantly without losing focus. Music makes you relax in stressed environment and helps you to motivate yourself. When the speed, intensity, or volume of the music rises, our pulse quickens and our breathing accelerates. As well as this is very great for physical exercise, of course. But it’s also great for reenergizing you when you’re feeling tired or bored. It not only helps you to refocus and motivate yourself but also helps you to draw your attention away from negative aspects of whatever task you are doing. 

3. Meditate: 

Taking ten to twenty minutes out of your workday to meditate is great way to use a break time especially when you feel stressed and your motivation is wavering. Overwork leads you to stress but this is a stress buster. 

4. Try exercising: 

I know, this is in no way the first time you’ve listen that doing exercise is also a great way to improve your mental health. The endorphin release gives you a great serotonin boost. When you feel stress due to overwork and want a break try to do short exercise to make yourself calm. Yoga is your current tipple. 

5. Talk to a co-worker. (Or talk to yourself.): 

Sometimes, taking a short break to talk with your colleague or with your team member can be enough, to reenergize you for several more hours. You can also do one thing that if you just need a break from the task at hand, grab it to co-worker wisely, and use that time to bounce ideas off of them. If you still feel stress take a 

power nap of half hour this will charge you instantly to work for few more hours. Or, give yourself a pep talk. Giving yourself advice and encouragement in the second- person voice actually works. 

6. Eat an energy-boosting snack: 

Food is a fuel of your ride, your brain and body wants healthy and good food in proper time intervals. What we eat — and when we eat it — has a direct impact on our performance at work. Healthy snacks that’ll supercharge your brainpower and help you gain energy when you’re tired include bananas, yogurt, blueberries, avocados, olive oil, salmon, broccoli, eggplant, and dark, leafy greens. Include all this in your diet as this will also help you make yourself stress free and deal with overwork situation calmly. Good food makes good mood and then you can easily focus on your work constantly. Don’t eat fast food excessively as this made you feel sleepy and tired. Eat healthy work harder. 

7. Memorize your goal: 

Whenever you feel demotivated and stressed and feel that you don’t want to do that task anymore. Just once think about those things for which you started this, think about from where your started all this and the journey your covered to complete it till now, your motivation level reached another level. After this try to refocus and start again with full confidence and enthusiasm and you will get successful result. 

8. Reward yourself—and your colleagues: 

Giving or rewarding something to yourself is the best way to look forward to. Reward something good to yourself for the completion of your first task as this will provide you motivation to complete your second task successfully without getting bored and taking stress. As this will reduce your overwork also , this divides your work in different parts so, you can complete it one by one easily. This is the best way to motivate yourself to work consistently. 

Is being overloaded with joy a good reason to stay positive?

Being overworked can happen without anyone noticing. It is therefore vital to recognize the tell-tale signs before it is too late. The effects of being overworked are more than a bad day. Apart from interfering with your normal life, it also affects how you feel about the job and even how you relate with others. Use the above strategies to spot and fix being overworked. The mentioned details will help you to stay motivated throughout your day and your will feel a difference in yourself if you follow all this regularly. Overwork never make you stressed if you continuously motivate yourself by applying different methods. 

What is a positive approach towards life?

It is said that, when life throws lemon at you, make lemon juices out of it! Well this quote in itself explains that a better way of leading life is to have optimistic hope and positivity in everything that you do. 

Positivity lives in many forms, but also understanding that positivity cannot be linked with being happy directly. Positivity can spark anywhere, and has a 360 range of feeling good, in your mind, body and heart. 

Positivity is all about how to take things in life, even if some things feel going out of track at times, not getting sad or unhappy or even hopeless about it al together. Its about creating a mindset that never lets you give up and let down at difficult times too.

Positivity cannot be taught:

Feeling positive is a spiritual act, and unlike other things it cannot be taught. It comes naturally from deep within inside you, that is related to how you feel, what you see, how you act etc.  many people feel positive in different ways, and have different ways to even express it. Positivity is what you actually endure about milieu. 

People like to dance, like to sing, like to play, to jump around, when they feel positive or happy about something, whereas the same activity can be done to feel positive in reverse if you are sad and don’t keep up well. 

world -renowned psychologists and researchers, identify different forms of positivity that people mostly show up in life as:

  1. Love
  2. Inspiration
  3. gaiety
  4. Joy
  5. Happiness
  6. Gratitude
  7. Pride
  8. Interest
  9. Tranquility
  10. Divinity

Steps towards a positive life:

Though different people would find motivation into different things for having a positive mind, that are other ways how you can practice and improve positivity in life. 

  1. Meditate every day: one the best methods to build that successful positive aura around you is through meditating. Experts have found out that people who meditate regularly have a more happy, calm and positive mental balance. They have amazing concentration power and do not get hyped up easily.

Hence yoga exercises, for the longest time has been a practice that is important to balance the mind, body and soul together. simple yoga exercise like deep breathing, belly breathings or even a 20 min meditation can work wonders on your body without a strenuous workout session.

  1. Compliment each other: every body wants to feel good about themselves, and the more impactful way to do this is by complimenting each other.  Healthy compliments are a kinder way of even building relations stronger and richer. 

When you pass on a good compliment not only you get one in return but you make someone’s day by doing so. Complimenting is the positive attitude to show that you are observant and you care.

  1. Choose your surroundings: having a positive mindset has a lot to do with what your surroundings are. Whether you are friends with mean, jealous people or gratifying, inspirational ones. Whether your environment is gloomy and dark or shines open in day light. 

The places you choose to live in and people you will to be with naturally affect your positivity unconsciously. So, it is extremely paramount to surround yourself with positive people and healthy bright conditions.

  1. Show help and gratitude: imagine a person helping you when you need it the most, or someone showing you gratitude for your deed of kindness towards them. These acts are a sure shot sign of how the person before you are high on life’s chivalry and positivity. The more you help others the more do you feel good about your own self and this is important to feel positive at all times.

Showing gratitude in life is another aboding key of life. Being thankful for whatever you have in life is act of positivity, which instills you with joy and satisfaction. Gratefulness is the secret to peaceful and positive lifestyle!

  1. Dance and sing along: one of my personal notes to take on when positivity needs to hit is dancing and singing. According to therapists dancing releases rushing amounts of adrenaline in our body that triggers happy hormones of our body which makes us feel better and joyous, the same reason why people mostly dance and sing when they are most positive and gay.

Can spirituality be the reason for your happiness?

Learning the idea of spirituality

Everyone in today’s world is struggling to find inner peace in them. Contemplative practices that help you to find fun in your mind and teaches you to find peace in yourself is really important. On knowing what is spirituality, here are some ways through which you can follow them and understand while you learn the significance of it. 

There are a number of people from all around the world who are built on their own rules. Spirituality is a practice of finding validation from the unknown through a group of people or institution or even with the help of everyday religious practices. 

Top 7 reasons why spirituality is important for everyone

  1. It gives proper meaning to your life

In today’s life, we are all struggling to find the meaning to our lives. Who are we and what are we doing in this realm will always be the biggest question of all. The idea of spiritualism is to search within yourself and to search for something sacred. Reflecting who you are as a person will help you to be clearer with yourself and even answer all your queries that might boggle your mind now and then. 

  1. It gives you hope

The idea of spirituality is to help you find hope in your life. Having faith in something will always help you find hope added with meaning. We human beings are subjected to pain which is endless, and we need to hang with a thread of hope that makes our life even more bearable with every passing second. By practising spirituality, every single person will have hope in their life mixed with love and emotions. 

  1. It helps you to find peace and relieve stress

Do you find yourself struggling with the thought of having peace in your life? Well if you are one, then the idea of spirituality is the best thing to practice. Introspective activities such as meditation and deep-seated programs can help you to find inner peace and relieve all your stress. Additionally, to contemplative issues like your health problems, if you have heart issues or even mildly weight-related issues, then spirituality will work out for the best. 

  1. You can make a better choice

Spirituality helps you to make a better choice in your life. In most of the cases, spirituality helps you to be a better person above all. Amid everything which happens in our life, it becomes hard for everyone to have a straight face and be nice to everyone. This is when the idea of spirituality becomes important to you as a person. You can start making better choices in your life, in general, have a common sympathy and share everyone’s pain. If you start to sympathise with everyone in your life, the step to become a better person is always there. 

  1. You will be more content in your life

Do you wish to be content in your life with every passing second? If yes, then practising the idea of spirituality will help you out. Bringing a buddha for a home will help you to practice the mindfulness of spirituality now and then. Spiritual people often have this mindset that they are content with their complete life. If you practice spirituality, then you will have a positive outlook on life and accept things the way you are. The approach is to help add some better features in your life and to make yourself the best version that you wish to see in the mirror. 

  1. It lessens the fear of death

One thing for sure is to lessen the idea and the fear of dying. We all are human beings, and we are here to play our role and take our departure. Death is inevitable, and someone cannot cross or cheat it. Here is when spirituality plays an important part in your life and helps you to lessen the fear of death and stops you from being irrational. Spirituality is to understand and believe in the idea of reenactment that you will be born again once your soul leaves your body and enter a new one. 

  1.  It helps you to get close to someone

The idea of spirituality is to bring people together. Spirituality is a great way of letting people know that you are there for them, and it helps you to get closer to someone in your life. Religious fellowship happens now and then when you share the same belief or faith and even philosophies. For example, if you practice yoga in a group, then you are meeting with like-minded people and helping them to find a proper purpose and know what you share as a person too. 


Practising spirituality can be done by bringing an idol for home as it creates a cheerful ambience around. If you think that you need to be at peace in your life and do better things and start sympathising with others, the practise of spirituality is just one step away. 

We are surrounded by tons of negativity around us most of the time. Constantly bombarded with balls of stress and pressures, yet it is completely our choice how we work out with them and also tackle them. When we take the steering wheel of life in our own hands, then we drive it the way we want, hence compel and conquer the world with your positive ray that’s creates a bliss all around.

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