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Prepare a superfood by boiling figs with milk, Know its 5 unbelievable benefits

by Nutrition24seven Desk

Indians have an unimaginable fondness for dry fruits. Without a variety of dry fruits, a celebration or special occasion is not complete. Apart from nutritional value, they offer a treat to our taste buds. One such dry fruit is fig. The fruit of the ficus tree, a member of the mulberry family, is known as anjeer or figs. Fig or Anjeer most often comes to mind as a dry, when the seeds become more crunchy and the flesh dries up. Figs are a rich source of antioxidants as well as nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and copper that can improve general health and wellness. The body benefits greatly from a nightly fig and milk boil.

 When figs are cooked and served with milk at night, consuming them becomes healthier. Before going to bed at night, consume some boiled figs in milk for numerous advantages. Let us tell you 5 such amazing health benefits.

How to prepare this super healthy food?

Boil a glass of milk by placing it on your cooktop. Add 2 to 3 figs to the milk when it starts to get just a little heated. Now, allow this milk to boil vigorously for 5 minutes. Do not sweeten milk because figs are naturally sweet. The fig milk is prepared. Consume its figs and milk.

What are its benefits?

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Reinvigorate body

Milk and figs help the body retain energy throughout the day. It also helps the body receive immediate energy. Two boiled figs in milk are healthy for the body to consume. Fig milk aids in easing physical fatigue after returning from the office or work at night.

 Alleviate constipation

Consuming figs and milk at night can help with constipation. Figs are a great source of fiber, which helps with digestion. Boiling it in milk makes it simple to consume. Consuming figs is also excellent for piles since the fibre in them softens the stool. Figs have these qualities, which aid in maintaining a healthy stomach.

For men’s health

Men become more fertile when they consume figs and milk. Minerals and vitamins abound in figs enable the body to combat illnesses. It can be consumed every night by men.

Good for skin too

The abundance of antioxidants and minerals in figs contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin. Consuming it also helps to keep the skin hydrated. Regular milk and fig consumption at night promotes clear, radiant skin.

Ensure heart health

Regularly eating figs and milk at night can treat heart issues. It aids in heart rate regulation. Its ingestion also treats the body’s high blood pressure issue.

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