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Say no to these 3 spices in summer; Know which spices are ideal for summer

by Shatakshi Gupta

The sweltering summer heat can impede your digestion and deplete your vitality. It is critical to keep your body cool during the summer months in order for your body and mind to perform properly. However, the long-term benefit of naturally cooling meals, rather than the immediate respite of ice cream and shakes, will help you manage body temperatures.

In the summer, adding specific spices to your food might help your digestive system and body temperature. Fennel seeds, on the other hand, can help with digestion while coriander can help with inflammation. Mint helps to cool the body, while cumin seeds might help with bloating and acid reflux.

However, not all spices are appropriate for the summer. There are a few more spices that should be avoided throughout the heat. Because these spices have the potential to trigger a variety of stomach issues. In this post, we’ll discuss which spices you should include in your diet and which spices you should avoid during the summer.

Spices to avoid in the summer

Red Chillies:

When consumed in large quantities, red chilli powder induces a burning feeling in the stomach, throat, and chest. Garlic also causes a surge in body temperature.


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Garlic offers numerous health benefits, including weight loss, appetite control, and metabolic stimulation. However, because it raises the body’s temperature, it’s best to drink it more in the winter and less in the summer. Bad breath, acid reflux, and an increased risk of bleeding are all possible side effects.


It has a strong flavour, and too much of it in the heat might be dangerous. If consumed in large doses, it might cause heartburn, diarrhoea, and other stomach issues.

Spices to use in the summer


It has diaphoretic characteristics, which help to induce perspiration and lower internal temperatures, detoxify the body, and keep it cool and fresh. It not only aids in the removal of excess heat and toxins from the body, but also soothes the digestive tract and reduces inflammation.

Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds are a popular mouth freshner in India. Its cooling characteristics aid in the stimulation of digestive juices, which aid in digestion and hence reduce acid reflux. It also contains a large amount of vitamin C.

Cumin Seeds:

This ubiquitous cooking spice in Indian households not only adds flavour to food but also helps to regulate body temperature. It’s a savoury spice that helps with detoxifying and is used to treat gas and bloating. In this sweltering weather, it helps you feel light and refreshes your body.


Mint is a pleasant spice and a perennial herb. It’s a fundamental ingredient of menthol, which gives you a cooling sensation. It helps with indigestion, acid reflux, and gastritis-related chest pain. It disperses the extra energy created during digestion by opening and stimulating the skin’s pores, lowering body warmth.

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