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Immerse in divinity! 4 sound meditation that helps you in inner healing

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Did you realise that every idea you have affects how you feel overall? Thoughts enter the body as vibrations with an electric charge, which could cause problems for your body’s systems. In reality, emotions are a combination of energy and motion. Every energy that enters the body either responds positively or negatively. Therefore, your thoughts and feelings have the potential to harm your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By raising awareness of these vibrations, sound therapy is excellent for healing.

Once a vibrational thought reaches the body, it must go through a lengthy processing process. It enters through the ear’s nerves, then travels to the brain before being sent throughout the body. The body reacts in accordance with the vibrations it experiences. Establishing a link between the mind and body and starting healing with sound healing therapy is a terrific idea. Levels of sound therapy are effective. It starts with emotional healing, then on to mental healing, and finally moves on to physical healing. Here are 4 sound therapies:

Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath Exercise)

Aligning the mind and body with this breathing technique is a terrific idea. You can always put this into practise.

Maintain a straight posture while sitting. Your ears should also be plugged with your middle fingers. Inhale deeply through your nose. Make a bee-like humming noise as you exhale. Feel your body vibrating. Engage in this for 3–5 minutes.

Om chants

Chanting is not only a spiritual exercise. Sending good vibrations throughout the body is one of the goals of chanting. As you chant, this awakens particular energies that give you a feeling of optimism and serenity.

Chant either OM or AUM. You can chant anything that aligns with your beliefs. Chanting for as long as you can will help vibrations spread throughout the body and reach every part. Chant with an open throat, open heart, and uncluttered mind. The more open and forceful your chant, the more healing power you experience.

Meditation with mantras

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Chanting mantras that are connected to religious gifts to a deity awakens the forces connected to them, according to Vedic tradition. All mantras have the ability to direct inner energy, nevertheless. Chant any mantra that speaks to you or that you find appealing. Soul awakening is aided by doing so while in a meditative stance. Your entire energy field would be cleaned, allowing you to regain your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Use a singing bowl or a bell

Have you ever experienced a sudden boost in vigour after hearing the sound of metal bells and bowls? Their sound frequency causes the internal vibrations to become active. You can utilise metal bowls, commonly referred to as singing bowls, to use sound for self-healing. These are frequently used in meditation to encourage relaxation and start the healing process. For advice on what to obtain for your health issues, speak with a sound healer or sound therapist once. A professional navigator might provide extra advantages.

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