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Do not Ignore these 5 Signs of Nutrition Deficiency

by Nutrition24seven Desk

There is a saying that only a healthy body makes a healthy mind. In such busy lives these days, we either ignore or fail to realize the true importance of nutritional diet. Although, we might fail to pay attention towards our diet but, our body has its own ways of signaling that when our body is lacking nutrition. Always pay attention to any kind of deviations from your normal body functions. Because, this negligence can cost you much. Nutrition is an important part of growth and health.  Nutrition is very important for a strong immune system, a safe pregnancy, maternal health and for the mental and physical development of the body.

Nutrition keeps the body healthy as we all know. A diet lacking essential or adequate nutrition can lead to a condition known as malnutrition. Despite, eating your regular diet, you can be targeted with malnutrition if your food lacks enough nutrition. These are the results of our own carelessness.

Now after understanding about the essentiality of nutrition, let us also know some of the signs which can be a possible indicator of nutritional deficiency in your body. Along with this, lack of nutrition can also lead to many diseases in the body.

Feeling Fatigued

If you start feeling tired after doing even a little work or say that if you are exhausted too quickly and feeling weak in while working, then it may be a signal that your body is lacking nutrition.

Hair Fall

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Sometimes, you may also start facing the problem of excessive hair fall due to nutritional deficiency. Also, remember slight hair fall can be considered normal, but excessive hair fall is a matter of concern. Do consult your doctor in such extreme cases.

Nail Marks

Weakening of your nails can also be a sign of malnutrition. You must not take it lightly if your nails break off easily, again because this can be a possible indication of malnutrition. Also if you have white marks on your nails, this means that your body is lacking calcium and some other nutrients.

Bodily Changes

Different people may come across different symptoms of malnutrition. You may even come across some abnormal changes in your body such as bad breath, swelling of the mouth, changes in oral health are also some signs. It means that you have nutritional deficiency.

Lack Of Appetite

Lack of appetite is the primary reason for lack of nutrition in the body. Some times you don’t even feel like eating anything in case your body is lacking nutrition.

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