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Relaxed body relaxes mind: Yoga Asanas that you must do before going to bed

by Nutrition24seven Desk

A sound night’s sleep necessitates far more than seven to eight hours of sleep. Because of the effects they have on the mind, night-time rituals are crucial and should be followed once in a while to rejuvenate yourself. They are, however, much more than merely journaling and enjoying a bubble bath. Biologically, the night is a time for relaxation, it is critical that the entire body is at ease. Stretching is one technique to guarantee that you connect with yourself properly, which is essential for well-being. Stretching can assist you in releasing the enormous quantities of stress and anxiety that you unconsciously or consciously manifest within your body. It also aids muscle relaxation and flexibility, making bodily movements more fluid and effortless. Here are 5 yoga asanas to include in your pre-bedtime routine for good stretching and sound sleep.

Pigeon stretch:

This stretch is especially good for folks who spend the most of their day sitting in a chair since it helps open up the hips. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your leg to allow for maximum stretching. Hold the stretch for three to five minutes on both sides to extend both legs thoroughly.

Forward fold:

The forward fold can be done in either a seated or standing position. It not only helps to stretch the rams, back, and legs, but it is also thought to help with digestion. The forward fold is excellent for reducing stress and maintaining blood pressure control. For a soothing session, hold this position for three to five minutes.

Sphinx posture:

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The sphinx, which is essentially a baby backbend, allows the spine and back muscles to completely relax. This exercise not only opens but also develops your back muscles. This stretch also targets the glutes, pelvis, and hips, and it generally helps the lower body decompress. For optimal effects, try to hold the stance for three to five minutes.

Baby pose:

Rotate your arms towards the ceiling to complete the position. Your shoulders will extend and your entire body will be able to relax correctly as a result of this. This pose can be practised for three to five minutes before bed to help the body relax completely.


The plank is one of the most effective post-workout cool-down exercises. It also improves the core muscles, which has been linked to superior balancing ability and a faster metabolism. The plank is useful for correcting and maintaining good posture, as well as relaxing the body at the end of a long day. The benefits of the stance can be obtained by holding it for two minutes.

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