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Potatoes are synonymous to fat; Here is the right way to eat for good health

by Shatakshi Gupta

People believe that potatoes are to blame for rising blood sugar and weight. Many people in this situation cut back or stop eating potatoes to prevent their obesity from rising and their diabetes from getting worse. However, potatoes are not so harmful as they are branded. Infact, potatoes are the low-fat food. Only 0.1 percent of potatoes are fat. If potatoes are consumed properly in this scenario, neither obesity nor sugar levels increase as a result of potato consumption.

 Indeed, improper potato consumption is the cause of the increase in fat from potatoes. Even though foods like Aloo Paratha, Aloo Tikki, and French Fries are delicious, eating them can increase your risk of developing ailments including diabetes, weight gain, and high blood pressure. Because of this, the majority of people who want to lower their obesity avoid eating potatoes. But eating potatoes can also help you stay thin. Here’s how to consume potatoes properly to avoid any negative health effects.

First, check the nutritional profile of potato

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 Potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus are among the substances found in potatoes. In addition, potatoes have other healthy vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Potatoes that have been boiled contain the starch required for healthy digestion. Consuming potatoes provides instant energy. The amount of protein and fat in potatoes is quite low, but the number of carbohydrates is very high.

How to consume potatoes properly?

It is not necessary to exclude potatoes from your diet if you want to lose weight, but we should consume them properly. Boiling and then eating cooled potatoes will help you lose weight.

Boiled potatoes causes the stomach to stay full for a very long time, which helps to regulate hunger. Additionally, it does not call for consuming additional calories. Moreover, the starch in cold-boiled potatoes speeds up metabolism and aids in fat loss.

Don’t peel potatoes if you want to lose belly fat; instead, eat potatoes and their peels. People who have high blood pressure can also benefit from using potato peel.

Besides, eat a dish made with boiled potatoes rather than fried potatoes. You can roast or bake potatoes if you’d like. At last, No more than 170 grams of potatoes should be consumed at once.


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