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Want to Increase Bulk in your Body? Try these Natural Products to Gain Mass

by Shatakshi Gupta

It is not that only fat people adopt many tricks to be slim, but the problem of thin people on the other hand is no less. Skinny people too take many types of medicines in order to increase their weight. Because each one of us want a perfectly shaped body. But, remember that medicines can also have various side effects. If you want to increase your weight, then make some simple changes in your diet.

Add Ghee to your diet

Ghee is rich in saturated fat and calories. It makes the body healthy. Consuming it regularly will increase your weight, but keep in mind that the consumption of ghee should be in limited quantities. Also, ghee has healthy fats which will not harm your body in long run, unlike normal fats such as edible oils, many times lead to high cholesterol problems.

Gain Weight by eating Banana

Banana contains many vitamins and minerals. A medium-sized banana contains about 120 calories. Its regular consumption can increase your weight.

Consume Almond milk

It is said that almond milk is effective in increasing weight. Adding dry fruits like almonds, figs, raisins etc. to hot milk, and drinking it daily will add fat to your body. Due to this your body will get full nutrition and your body will become strong. Also, dry fruits are good for your body as they contain various nutrients which are essential for your body.

Egg also works effectively

Eggs are very beneficial in increasing weight. It contains a good amount of calories, fat and protein. The protein present in eggs increases the muscles of our body. When you eat more of white part of egg, instead of it’s yellow or yolk part regularly, then this can increase your weight rapidly.

Potato increases weight quickly

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Peeled potatoes are high in protein, fiber, minerals and vitamin C. It is a good source of high carbohydrates.  Including it regularly in the diet helps in gaining weight.

Use Whole Wheat Bread

By taking bread made from whole wheat in breakfast, the body gets enough nutrients and a good amount of calories. It is rich in fiber and minerals which are not found in white bread. Due to this, the body remains energetic for a long time and weight increases easily and in a more healthy way.

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