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Taste with health! Add herbs to your food, here’s how you can consume herbs

by Shatakshi Gupta

The internet has added up our culinary skills. Now, we know about the benefits of herbs and most people have started using herbs in cooking. Usually, these herbs are used after cooking for the presentation of the food and in some special recipes. Undoubtedly, these herbs enhance the taste, smell and nutritional value of our food manifold. Perhaps this is the reason that nowadays the trend of kitchen gardens in homes is growing.

However, in this situation, a copious amount of herbs accumulate in the house which we don’t understand how to consume. Today in this article we are telling you about two amazing ideas of using herbs in cooking.

Infuse herbs in Olive Oil

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If you want to add a new taste to your food, then you can try this idea. You can turn your cooking oil into herb-infused cooking oil to make it healthier. All you have to do for this is to take 2 to 3 cups of olive oil in a bowl and keep it aside. Now, you can take 50 grams of almost any herb of your choices like basil, thyme or rosemary etc. and chop them finely. Now take a clean glass jar and put chopped herbs and olive oil in it. Leave it like this for about two weeks. During this, keep shaking the bottle of this oil lightly in between. In about two weeks, your herb-infused cooking oil will be ready. Now filter it and you can use this herb-infused cooking oil in your cooking.

 Herb Salt

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This is another great way of using herbs in the kitchen and enhancing the taste of food. For this, you must first dry the herb of your choice and then make powder of it using a grinder. Now add salt to the powder of this herb and mix it well. Keep the quantity of both herb and salt equal. Ensure that the lid of the container is airtight so that your salt stays fresh for a long time.

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