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You must keep yourself away from these 5 gym workouts if you have back pain

by Shatakshi Gupta

Back pain is a common problem associated with old age, but due to the changing diet and lifestyle, the problem is now being seen in the youth as well. The reason for this can be continuously working, studying and the habit of sitting for a long time. Due to longer sitting there is less movement of the body and a lot of pressure gets converged on your waist, due to which there is a pain in the back. 

 There can be many reasons for back pain, such as sprains, our bad sitting habits such as working continuously, incorrect posture, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis and stress.

To keep ourselves fit many of us break our swear at the gym. Undoubtedly, working out keeps us fit but do you know that doing any exercise in the gym can prove to be harmful to you. If you are struggling with the problem of back pain, then you should ignore some exercise otherwise it will deteriorate the issue. Let’s see which exercises we should avoid in back pain.

 Spinal twisting

You must have heard many benefits of spinal twist but people suffering from back pain should not do it.  Because this stretches the waist completely, due to which the nerves of the waist get stretched and more pain is felt in the waist. Therefore, before doing this, you must consult an expert.

High Knee Jump

High jumps are performed to strengthen the knees, which increases the stamina of the body. But if you have been troubled by the problem of back pain, then you should not do high jump exercises for a few days. Because when you do it, you have to apply it all over your body. But this has a greater effect on the waist, which can increase your trouble.


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Deadlifts are among the most favorite exercises of people. Doing this exercise not only makes your body flexible but also strengthens your bones. But if you have pain in your back, then you must keep yourselves away from it because it puts immense stress on the waist.


This exercise is very simple, but if you do not perform it correctly, then you can have pain in your back. Also, if you already have a problem with back pain, then you should avoid doing it.


Sit-ups are such an exercise that makes our waist and thighs strong. During sit-ups bodyweight concentrate on the waist and thighs and due to excessive weight, you can have many problems like flexibility in the waist etc. So if you have back pain then you should not do it and if you are doing then first know the correct method of doing sit-ups.


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