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Eating these Foods on an Empty Stomach causes Abdominal Bloating

by Shatakshi Gupta

Good health is the greatest treasure.  Good health cannot be derived from medicines but, from the proper and balanced diet. In this fast and running life, our eating and drinking habits are deteriorating, due to which the problem of acidity is very common these days irrespective of the age factor. Age is no more a reason for the occurrence of such health issues.  Due to eating irregularities, diseases like gas formation, acid reflux, heartburn are becoming more common and disturbing. In winters, we must take extra care of our health. Because due to the acidity, you can face severe pain in the stomach, chest or sometimes even in the head.

Here today we will discuss about some of the food items which you must avoid eating especially, on an empty stomach. As these food items can cause acidity. So remember that you do not eat these food items in morning with an empty stomach.

Sweet Potato:

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Undoubtedly, sweet potato is a superfood which is rich in many nutritious elements like proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals and you must include it in your diet. But if, it is eaten on an empty stomach, then the sugar, tannins and pectin present in it can result in gas and acid reflux problems due to increased gastric juice secretion. Consuming it on an empty stomach can cause heartburn too.

Citrus Fruit:

Citrus fruit should also not be consumed on an empty stomach.  Chemicals that increase gas are found in citrus fruits, which can cause gas problems. However, many antioxidants present in it benefit us in many ways.


Although, banana is very beneficial for our health, but it should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Because it can cause gas and can lead to bloating.

Aerated drinks:

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We are very well aware of the bad effects caused due to the consumption of aerated drinks. No matter what time of the day you are drinking it, it’s bad. But it can be more damaging or troubling for you if you consume it empty stomach. Consuming aerated drinks empty stomach can cause problems like nausea and is even worse to have them on an empty stomach as it can result in nausea or gas.

Both whether it be aerated drinks or soda, are equally harmful if we drink them empty stomach. This is due to the presence of carbon dioxide and also due to the presence of acids in it like phosphoric acid.

Cold beverages:

You must surely avoid consuming cold beverages in mornings. Instead, you must drink lukewarm water, with some lemon or ginger in morning. Adding this to your morning routine helps in reanimating your metabolism. On the other hand, consumption of cold beverages like cold coffee or iced tea are actually harmful for your mucous membrane, which ultimately makes your digestion sluggish.

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