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Ill food makes you ill: Know about food poisoning, causes, symptoms, and treatment

by Nutrition24seven Desk

Junk food has become one of the most essential part of life in today’s world. We frequently end-up eating attractive looking foods which sometimes trouble us with food poisoning.

Many times we fail to understand whether we are suffering from food poisoning or not, as we aren’t clear about its symptoms. We need to have proper knowledge about the same. So here we are explaining all the symptoms and causes of food poisoning. In addition to that, how you can get rid of it.

Causes of food poisoning

Before getting into the symptoms of a disease, we must first try to know, that how is it caused. When we know about the causes of any disease, it helps us keep ourselves away and take precautions in that direction. Here are few causes of food poisoning:

Exposure to bacteria – One of the major causes of food poisoning is exposure to bacteria. Although for some people antibiotics work, but not for all. While eating we must pay attention towards cleanliness and that all ingredients are fresh.

Eating Junk Food- All the street food and drinks that we consume as the part of our daily lives can also be one of the reasons behind food poisoning. Although it may be difficult for some to manage but we must eat outside food in a restricted manner. Avoid eating too oily and spicy food that can make your stomach upset.

Weak immunity- The chances of getting food poisoning are very high in a person whose immune system is weak.

Symptoms of food poisoning

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Knowing right symptoms will help you deal better with the situation of food poisoning. There are five primary symptoms of food poisoning:

Stomach pain- Food poisoning starts with abdominal pain. For some people this may seem like a normal abdominal pain at first glance but it is important to consult a doctor before jumping to any conclusion.

Fever– Moreover, fever is also one of the symptoms of food poisoning. For this reason, one shouldn’t ignore it and must see a doctor immediately.

Vomiting– If a person is vomiting again and again, then he must rush and see a his doctor because it can be a symptom of food poisoning.

Headache – Pain in the head is also considered to be a symptom of food poisoning. There are many such cases in which it all starts with a headache.

Weakness– If you start feeling weak after eating food, then this can also be a sign of food poisoning. If a person starts feeling weak suddenly, then he should not ignore it and should inform his doctor.

How to deal with food poisoning? 

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When we suddenly face problems or symptoms of food poisoning or allergies, we don’t understand how to deal with it. Consulting a doctor is mandatory in critical situations, but alongside medicines you need to supply your body with other necessary minerals and take extra care. Here are some suggestions, that will help you deal with such situations. These four things might work for you-

Taking medicine– The easiest way to treat food poisoning is to take medicine, but prefer doctors prescriptions rather than trying out random medicines.

Drinking ORS– In addition to taking medicines, consuming ORS also proves to be beneficial in the treatment process of food poisoning. It supplies essential salts and minerals that are required by the body for their normal functioning. As our body throws out all the liquids, water as well as foods in food poisoning, so it’s important for us to maintain the proper balance by the intake of ORS.

Eat simple food– Try and eat only simple food if you’re suffering from food poisoning. Eating too oily or spicy food won’t help you heal faster.

Keep yourself hydrated- When you suffer from food poisoning situation, what your body lacks, the most is water. It happens that when we feel sick, we don’t feel like drinking too much water, but keeping yourself hydrated is the key. It will help you overcome the situation early.

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