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4 food related myths around pregnancy

by Nutrition24seven Desk

Pregnancy is perilous no matter how precious or beautiful the experience is for the mother. Because a woman must care for both her health and that of the unborn child during the nine months of pregnancy. During this time, friends and family members, particularly elders, give pregnant women advice. What foods to consume and avoid during pregnancy?

In addition, there are numerous myths about what to eat when pregnant. While some women might not believe in these beliefs, many others do. We shall discuss the misconceptions around eating during pregnancy in this article. You shouldn’t believe these misconceptions.

All time high calorie requirements during pregnancy

It’s a fallacy that you should eat calories during your pregnancy. For the first 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, regular diet should be consumed, according to specialists. Only after 20 weeks do more calories become necessary. In this case, it is not advisable to force oneself to ingest too many calories during the initial stage of pregnancy.

Seafood is unsafe

Women who are expecting frequently worry about whether or not they can consume seafood at this time. However, we should point out that seafood is safe to eat while pregnant. Experts advise against consuming high mercury fish when pregnant. The child’s development may suffer as a result of this. At the same time, pregnant women should refrain from eating raw sea food.

Tea and coffee drinking

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Women are frequently refrained from drinking tea and coffee after becoming pregnant. In certain households, it is rumoured that drinking tea and coffee makes a progeny darker. In certain households, however, it is also believed that because tea and coffee contain caffeine, they should not be taken during nine months. This is incorrect; experts say that tea and coffee are safe to drink while pregnant. However, taking too much of it can be harmful. You can still have a little cup of tea or coffee throughout the day in this case.

Eating certain foods causes miscarriage

It is believed that eating dry fruits that are overly hot during pregnancy can result in miscarriage, which is merely untrue. Experts advise eating dry fruits while pregnant. At the same time, eating too much of them might occasionally result in issues, but it is not a cause of miscarriage. Infection or an illness can cause miscarriage. Miscarriage is not caused by eating.

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