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Can’t workout in real-world? Exercise in Virtual Reality is also effective

by Nutrition24seven Desk

There is a way to exercise online, just like everything else. Tohoku University researchers in Japan claim that exercising in virtual reality is good for your health. In other words, even those who are unable to perform strenuous exercises can benefit from training digitally. The International Journal of Environmental Investigation has published the results of this research.

Advantageous for people with serious illnesses

According to researchers, exercise is good for the entire body. Some people, however, are unable to exercise every day. These include persons in hospitals, those with severe heart problems, and those with neurological impairments. Exercise may be detrimental to them. Immersive Virtual Reality training is a good alternative in this case. Some people find it difficult to exercise. Training in immersive virtual reality (IVR) is a wise choice in this circumstance.

What is IVR?

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IVR, or Immersive Virtual Reality, is a method of creating virtual environments on computers. The user can live his life anyway he pleases in this world. The user has the impression that he is genuinely in the virtual environment.

Virtual reality was initially created by scientists as a form of entertainment, but medical researchers are now looking at how it may affect health.

IVR’s effects on physical and mental wellbeing

A prior study found that experiencing our own movements in virtual reality alters our bodies. In the fictional world, no matter what occurs to us, the heartbeat is erratic. Additionally, there are advantages for the brain and memory. These alterations resemble those that take place following physical exertion.

Similar findings come from a recent study. When participants ran at a speed of 6.4 kilometres per hour in virtual reality, their levels of tension and anxiety were much lower in the real world. It was similar to working out in the real world. The heartbeat is erratic when anything happens to us in the fictitious world, according to a study.

Also helpful to elderly individuals

Exercise in virtual reality is a smart method to benefit from it, according to researcher Delilah Burin, as Japan’s sizable population ages and performance demands increase. All people’s health will improve as a result.

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