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Uric acid Increases in Body During Winter; Avoid these Food Items to Control

by Shatakshi Gupta

Do you really drink enough water in winters? Do you really keep yourself hydrated? The winter season brings different types of problems with it. Apart from cold, cough, fever in winter, the thing that bothers the most is the increase in Uric Acid levels in the body. The problem of increasing uric acid is faced the most during the winter season, because it drink less water. The troubles of bone pain and stiffness increases significantly during the cold season. In such a situation, to avoid the problem of uric acid, you must avoid consuming some food items. As, consuming these things in winter can increase your uric acid problem even more. Let’s know about those things-

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Yogurt– Although, curd is very healthy but when it comes to uric acid, then it can cause difficulties during winters, so avoid eating much of yoghurt during winters. Consuming more curd in winters can increase the problem of uric acid. The trans fats present in it can harm your body.

Lentils– If you are often troubled by the problem of uric acid, then avoid eating peeled pulses. It is beneficial for health but can intensify the issue of uric acid.

Cold drinks– To avoid the difficulties caused by high uric acid concentrations, avoid the consumption of cold drinks during winters. This can greatly increase the problem of bone pain during winters.

Peas – Although, peas are a good source of protein. Peas are considered very beneficial for health, but consuming too much of it can increase your uric acid concentration significantly. So if you often face uric acid issues then don’t eat peas.

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