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What is a crash diet? What are its 4 ill-effects on health?

by Nutrition24seven Desk

Today’s fast moving world demands and desires everything instantly, even when it comes to weight loss. It is common to observe people starting crash diets in an effort to reduce weight quickly. An extreme reduction in calories and a rapid change in nutrition are both characteristics of a crash diet. People occasionally follow a liquid diet. The primary goal of a crash diet is often to drop the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

A crash diet gives you temporary results, but it has a bad impact on your metabolism. Additionally, a crash diet only has bad effects if it is followed for an extended period of time. We’ll explain how a crash diet impacts your metabolism and body in this article today.

Steep fall in metabolism:

Crash diets slow down your metabolism, something you might not be aware of. Actually, the body requires some calories to do daily tasks normally. But when on a crash diet, a person immediately cuts his calorie intake in half. Your metabolism shifts into a protective mode under such circumstances. After that, your body adapts to meet its needs by only using the few calories you intake. If you even slightly increase your calorie intake in this circumstance, it will start to acquire weight.

No loss of weight:

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Crash diets are used by some people to reduce weight quickly. However, the more quickly you lose weight while on this diet, the quicker it returns. To begin with, while your body is in defence mode, it begins to store calories as fat rather than using them. Crash diets also cause a decrease in metabolic rate, which makes it more challenging for you to lose weight. In actuality, a healthy metabolism is crucial for losing weight.

Causes muscle loss:

When you are on a crash diet, this is when you start to lose weight. When you weigh yourself, you might notice less. In actuality, though, muscle is lost on a crash diet rather than fat. It is actually a weight loss that is unhealthy. Since the metabolic rate slows down while on a crash diet and the body goes into defence mode, fat loss is prevented. Eventually, the body begins to lose muscle.

Dwindling spiral of bad health effects:

Slow body metabolism has an impact on weight, but it can also lead to a variety of other issues for the individual. First off, as a result of this, your immune system weakens and you continue to get sick. Additionally, since digestion and metabolism are intertwined, digestive issues can also result from a poor metabolism. Additionally, when your metabolic rate is low, you have issues like hair loss, slow nail growth, facial pallor, exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm in your job, etc.

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