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Confused between different milk alternatives? Here’s a parallel comparison between Almond milk and Coconut milk

by Shatakshi Gupta

From health perspective, we all know that we must include milk in our diet. Milk that is high in calcium is beneficial for the growth and development of bones. Everyone must continue to drink milk, whether they are young or old. Nowadays, many people are leaving milk as they are switching to a vegan diet. But not everyone can drink milk, no matter how much they want to. This is because some people have a condition called lactose intolerance.

In such a circumstance, it is advised to hunt for some healthy milk substitutes, and the person may consider ingesting coconut milk or almond milk. But you should also be aware of their differences if you intend to include either of these in your diet. We are drawing a parallel comparison here, so that you may choose as per your needs.

On calories front:

When comparing coconut milk to almond milk, coconut milk contains more calories. The calories in coconut milk are high. Whereas you receive roughly 17 calories from 100 grams of almond milk. 100 grams of coconut milk contain between 154 and 230 calories. The thickness of the milk is a factor. Fat and calorie content in condensed milk are high.

Potassium and Calcium:

Two such nutrients that aid in the smooth operation of a person’s body include potassium and calcium. However, when these two milks are compared, almond milk has a higher potassium and calcium content. Calcium and potassium are also present in coconut milk, but their concentrations are quite low. If someone is suffering from osteoporosis or has weak bones in this circumstance, drinking almond milk will be more useful for him.

Sodium content:

 Although almond milk has an adequate amount of calcium and potassium, salt is also present. However, consuming too much salt might be bad for your health. Excess sodium can exacerbate issues with blood pressure, body water retention, and the heart. When viewed from this perspective, drinking coconut milk might be a wiser choice.

Other benefits

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Almond milk is free of cholesterol, and the fat it contains promotes heart health. Almond milk also contains a lot of vitamin E, an antioxidant that prevents damage from free radicals. It is also thought to be helpful for losing weight.

In addition, coconut milk is beneficial for nourishing the digestive tract and promoting intestinal health. Additionally, it has electrolytes that help your body re-energize and acids that are beneficial for energy.

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