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Stop following these 4 internet fitness advice; Choose your fitness program as per your requirement

by Nutrition24seven Desk

To stay healthy, people follow a variety of diets. Typically, people begin following a variety of diets by simply searching the internet or blindly believing eclectic advice, ranging from weight loss to muscle growth. However, you should be aware that the people advising you are neither dieticians nor nutritionists. As a result, it’s not certain whether or not the counsel you got will be useful.

There is a lot of diet advice out there that is completely useless. So, in today’s article, we will tell you about several diet advice that is not made for you.

Follow a Keto diet:

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It is believed that the Keto diet is very good for weight loss and hence people start following it without thinking. This diet, however, is not a great choice for Indians. The general Keto diet should not be followed at all. Some people complain of instant headaches while following the Keto diet. On the other hand, this diet also has long-term side effects. The Keto diet can also cause digestive problems as well as have a bad effect on your heart and kidneys. That’s why one should not follow the Keto diet just by looking on the net. If you want to follow this, then do it only under the guidance of an expert. An expert will help you tailor the Keto diet according to your body’s needs.

Follow a liquid diet:

During the summer, many new fitness enthusiasts adhere to this dietary recommendation. In the summer, the body’s requirement for water increases, and people begin to follow a liquid diet to lose weight. However, this diet is not good for your health. In fact, a liquid diet deprives your body of protein and other minerals, which might be harmful. So, don’t go on a liquid-only diet. If you do this, seek advice from a professional first. He’ll also complement this diet with various protein supplements and other things to consume while you are on a liquid diet.

Detox water:

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Detox water is beneficial to health because it cleanses the liver and removes toxins from the body. However, following a detox water diet alone can be hazardous to your health. If you wish to take it, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet in addition to it.

Intermittent fasting:

It is a type of diet that allows you to eat after a long window. This is a method of restricting calorie intake. The advantages of an intermittent diet for weight loss are numerous. People, on the other hand, begin to follow an inconsistent diet. During the eating window period, many people eat everything they want. However, this method may be harmful to you. So, if you’re on this diet, make sure you only eat during your window period and don’t eat anything during the fasting period. Also, keep track of what you eat throughout the intermittent fasting diet’s window period. It will make your all efforts futile if you intake very heavy calories during that window.

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