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Caffeine addiction can land you in serious trouble, following 4 tips will help you in quitting

by Shatakshi Gupta

As the famous proverb goes, ‘excess of anything is harmful’. Simply doing anything in excess can be termed as addiction. Typically, when people think about addiction, only alcohol or cigarettes come to mind. However, in reality, it is not. Addiction is the term used to describe when you get so dependent on something that you cannot go a day without it. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of individuals are addicted to caffeine.

They don’t just drink tea or coffee in the morning or at night; rather consume caffeine multiple times during the day. It is true that caffeine increases alertness, which is why most individuals choose to drink tea or coffee when they are fatigued.

However, you should be aware if you drink eight to ten cups of coffee per day. You may experience numerous health issues as a result. Hence, we’re going to share some quick strategies with you in this post to help you kick your caffeine habit:

Mentally psych yourself up

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It is crucial to first psychologically prepare yourself for it if you truly want to overcome your coffee addiction. Willpower is a crucial component in achieving any objective. The same rule holds true for coffee addiction.

It would be better if you mentally justified the advantages of quitting your addiction and the negative effects of too much caffeine. Once you accomplish this, realise that you have already won half the battle.

Take the help of a replacement beverage

If you wish to stop your habit of drinking caffeinated beverages, try switching to another beverage. Drink as much water as you can. You will remain more invigorated as a result. In addition, you can sip on sparkling water, fruit juice, green tea, or fruit water.

Don’t expect to quit in a one go

Some people stop drinking tea and coffee right away in order to kick their caffeine addiction. You should refrain from doing this, though. Actually, when you entirely quit drinking tea and coffee, your body is unable to adapt to the shift and the individual experiences a number of issues, including headache and anxiety.

Therefore, make an effort to progressively diminish its volume. For instance, if you typically drink coffee 10–12 times per day, try drinking it 6–8 times per day instead. Take a little cup or a half cup of coffee instead of a large one if you want.

 Physical workout

Making exercise a regular habit is one method to overcome a caffeine addiction. Regular exercise keeps your body active throughout the day, eliminating the need for further caffeine intake. Along with this, we progressively break our caffeine dependence.

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