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Beware! Change your breakfast habits, if you are committing these 5 mistakes

by Nutrition24seven Desk

If we go by experts and Ayurveda, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Especially, diabetic patients should not skip breakfast under any circumstances. The first meal of the morning is essential because you would not have eaten anything for 8 to 9 hours during sleep. So our body needs a refueling at this point of the day. Breakfast makes your body ready for the day.

 When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar level can also increase. In today’s life, people leave their bed late in the morning and either skip breakfast or grab any quick bite without taking consideration of its nutritional value. Various research suggests that if we skip our breakfast, our brain cells start damaging in a long run. Now, when we have discussed the importance of breakfast, we will tell you about 5 mistakes that you must not do with your morning meal.

 Do not ignore veggies:

 If you are avoiding vegetables in the first meal of the day then you should correct your habit immediately. The amount of calories in vegetables is low and they are also low in carbohydrates. Vegetables fulfil the deficiency of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

 People often forget roughage:

It is very important to have fiber in breakfast, but our first meal usually lacks it. Fiber does not only keep your stomach full for a longer time, it also controls your blood sugar level.

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 Carbs dominate Indian diet:

 The food of Indians is full of carbs, which is not a very healthy habit. It affects our blood sugar level more. In such a situation, we must take a balanced breakfast and reduce the amount of carbs in it. Instead of simple carbs include complex carbs in the morning diet.

Protein deficiency is a major issue:

 Protein, the building block of the body, often finds very little space on our plate. A good amount of protein gives a strong start to your day. Egg, milk and meat are rich sources of protein. If you are a vegetarian then you can choose soya or soya-based products. Protein-rich foods also help in controlling blood sugar levels.

Fruits are better on the plate than glass:

 In today’s fast pace life, to save time, we usually consume fruit juice instead of eating fruits, which is not the right way of extracting all nutrients from fruit. Besides, you get a lot of calories and carbs in a single glass of juice which may increase your blood sugar level. Fruit juice also lacks the fibers present in fruits.

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