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From healthy liver to strong immunity, Know the benefits of Lassi

by Nutrition24seven Desk

India has long placed a focus on developing healthy eating habits. This is the reason why the spices and foods we use on a regular basis in our kitchen have long been regarded as being highly healthy for the body. There are many such alternatives to Indian beverages, particularly during current summer, that people choose not only because they taste good but also because they are discovered to be quite healthy.

One such beverage is lassi, which is regarded as being extremely beneficial for health in both Ayurveda and modern medicine, especially in maintaining the health of the liver. This nutritious beverage made by churning curd is best consumed regularly in the summer to avoid dehydration, maintain gastrointestinal health, and lower your chance of contracting a variety of illnesses. In this article, we are telling about the health advantages of lassi during this season.

Good for liver

One of the best natural sources of probiotics is yoghurt and lassi. According to scientists, its ingestion can be highly beneficial in lowering the buildup of fat in the liver, liver inflammation, cirrhosis symptoms, and easing liver functions. Persons seeking to reduce weight can also benefit from lassi because it is known to be very excellent for liver function.

For a healthy skin

In addition to aiding in the prevention of infection, the lactic acid included in lassi is beneficial for hydrating your skin, minimising blemishes, and preventing acne. Vitamin D and lactic acid work well together to lessen the affects of ageing on your skin. Lassi is good for your skin and hair, in addition to the skin.

Strengthen bones

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Since lassi contains a lot of calcium, it can be a great beverage for building strong bones. Things that are high in calcium are thought to be highly good for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Regularly consuming calcium-rich meals can significantly reduce the risk of developing bone problems as we age.

Builds immunity

The immune system can be greatly boosted by using lassi in your daily diet. It is a rich source of vitamin D and lactic acid, which support a healthy immune system and protect the body from a variety of ailments. For greater physical health, experts advise drinking lassi in addition to having a strong immune system. Everyone, from young toddlers to the elderly, can benefit from drinking lassi.

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