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What is Backwards Walking? Know 6 health benefits associated with it

by Nutrition24seven Desk

Exercise or working out is very essential to keep ourselves fit. There is a wide array of exercises with each having its own significance. However, some exercises are very simple and hence became popular. Health experts, therefore, from all over the world consider walking to be the best exercise because it can be done by anyone from kids to old people at any time. But did you know about a variation in walking exercise which is even more beneficial? We are talking about the backwards walk.

What is backwards walking?

A backwards walk is simply walking backwards and is more beneficial than a straight walk. This creates a good balance between our mind and body. Doing reverse walk for 20-30 minutes daily also provides relief in problems related to kidney, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Have a look at the benefits of backwards walking:

  • Relives Knee pain:

Reverse walking helps in reducing problems related to knees. This can relieve pain, tension and swelling in the knees. Reverse walking is also considered a good remedy for people suffering from a foot injury or arthritis.

  • Reduces back pain:

Reverse walking can help reduce chronic back pain. When you walk backwards, your back muscles are exercised. Besides, walking backwards also provides relief in spinal problems and back pain.

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  • Fights Mental Issues:

While walking upside down, your brain has to work and focus more.  This gives good exercise to the brain along with the body. Walking in reverse daily can also get rid of mental diseases like depression and anxiety.

  • Weight loss:

 Reverse walking is great for people who want to lose weight.  When you walk backwards, you have to balance the front and back of your body together. With this, you tighten your body, due to which you lose weight quickly.

  • Make legs stronger:

Backwards walking is an intense exercise for the muscles of the back and the legs. This makes your legs stronger. By doing normal walking, there is not much stress on the feet.

  • Improves balance:

Backwards walking improves the balance between your body and your mind. When you walk in a reverse direction, your mind is focused on the movement of your body. It also increases the balance of the body and the concentration of the mind.

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