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Stop loving the fizz! Here are 6 reasons why you should avoid drinking soda regularly

by Shatakshi Gupta

We usually like to have a soda drink in summer, especially after lunch or dinner. Some individuals, however, drink it regularly. But do you know that soda has more negative health effects than positive ones?

 From diet soda to other flavoured varieties of soda market is full of such beverages. Companies invest millions in the advertisement of these products, which is why these beverages are popular among both youngsters and adults. But did you realize that this marketable beverage can harm your bones while triggering an allergic reaction? If you’re one of those individuals who regularly consume soda, you might want to exercise a little caution. Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the negative effects of drinking soda frequently in this post.

Can trigger an asthmatic attack:

You should keep some distance from soda if you suffer from asthma. One of the preservatives found in soda, sodium benzoate, can cause allergic reactions including asthma and eczema, which can cause you issues.

Make bones weaker:

Regular soda drinkers’ bones also have a negative impact from the beverage. In actuality, the phosphoric acid in soda causes the body to lose calcium. A crucial ingredient for healthy bones is calcium. The bones get weaker when there is a deficiency in the body.

Increased chance of cancer:

Some people prefer to drink diet soda because they believe it is better for their gut health. However, in practise, it is not. Diet Coke contains artificial sweetener, which not only raises the risk of cancer but also contributes to fat.

Full of calories:

The high-calorie content of soda is another justification for avoiding it. It has a lot of calories, the majority of which come from sugar, as you can see from the label. Additionally, this sugar is made of high fructose corn syrup, which our bodies do not metabolise the same way as other sugars. It is best to abstain from soda in such circumstances.

 Heart disease risk:

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Regular soda drinking increases your risk of heart disease and other problems that are associated with it. People who drank one or more servings of sugary soda per day had a 20% increased chance of dying from a heart attack, according to a major study.

Adversely affects vascular health:

Regular or sugar-free soda consumption raises the risk of stroke and other health problems and is connected to high blood pressure. So, giving up soda may be a wise choice if you have vascular health concerns or are at risk for stroke.

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